CRAFTED – Bullseye Series

We have met Mads in Danmark who is behind Crafted ejuice. Crafted is one of the biggest ejucie manufacturers in Denmark and he grow day for day. Mads who is the main person has been working on his new line for 10 months and finally can he introduce the new line for Scandinavia!

THE BULLSEYE SERIES: Rhubarb Muffin: Delicious warm and spongy rhubarb muffin with fresh sliced strawberries on the side and of course alot of irresistible creamy vanilla topping on top.Pineapple

Pallace:Frozen chunks of fresh cut pineapple, squeezed pineapple juice and scoops of sweet and sour pineapple sorbet ice-cream blended together with cold blocks of ice. This is how we serve pineapple slush-ice.

Banana Mango Pie:Soft and creamy homemade banana pie baked to perfection with alot of love. Perfectly counter ballanced with our new and unique cold mango frosting.

Bristow Brew:Modern caramel cappuccino in harmony with carefully selected vanilla flavors, notes of sweet tobacco and exquisite creamy custard. Fine tuned over time and packed with alot of secret suprises for you to enjoy.

Tobacco Custard: Rounded tobacco crafted using a variety of hand picked tobacco sorts from all over the world. Combined with our newly developed very complex and luxurious vanilla custard, this flavor experience is a must try if you like tobacco and custard.

Taylor’ed Custard : Was made from the bottom and up.. Layer by layer. Each ingredient intensively tested and tuned.Vanilla, caramel, cream, pastery, pudding, fudge ice cream, spices, nuts and suprises.Designed to make you go completely custard crazy.

All ejuice have 67%VG / 33%PG 0mg. Bottle capacity: 60ml. Bottle contains: 40ml.Remove the cap and dropper tip and add 20ml. VG/PG of desired choise. Shake It, let it mature and enjoy.


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